Wearing a helmet is compulsory in the capital

Mostish Kokhali, a local political leader, called a press conference in Coolna yesterday to announce that there would be no shortage of helmets and that everyone walking in the streets will have to wear them in the district town.

It can be mentioned here that during the preparation of the briefing, there were no questions or concerns regarding the shortage of protective helmets worn by motorcyclists and part of the students.

“Helmets are very important, and I would like to assure you that there is no shortage of them. In fact, we have a surplus and more will be shipped soon,” Kokhali said during the briefing. “For safety reasons, everyone must wear a helmet when on the street. A sheet I studied indicates that hospitalizations will decrease by 420% if this is implemented.”

Asked if authorities would ensure that all family members of five riding motorcycles also wear helmets, he replied: “It’s not my department. I’m on the street.”

When asked what his current department was, he threw a helmet at the reporter. “See? If you were wearing a helmet, it wouldn’t have hurt,” Kokhali said, and ended the briefing as locals rescued the reporter.

Daniel E. Murphy