USPS announces new Maryland & Baltimore Postmaster District Manager – CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) – After months of mail delays in the Baltimore area, a new set of postal officials have been appointed for the area.

Dutch congressman Ruppersberger said on Tuesday that the USPS had informed him of a new Baltimore postmaster Eric Gilbert and a new Maryland district manager Lora McLucas.

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Gilbert previously served as Baltimore Postmaster in 2020.

Both changes are good news for the congressman.

“The new person coming in as district manager is supposed to be excellent and has worked in the post office throughout his career,” Ruppersberger said. “She’s a very button-down leader and she’s got a handle on issues. Hopefully this will make a change. “

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Some Maryland residents are hoping the new post office managers will start making changes to get their packages and letters delivered faster.

“I hope they do, I hope they have a new system or something,” said De’jion Meredith, a Dundalk resident.

Congressman Ruppersberger also said the USPS Inspector General was auditing six local post offices where mail delays were particularly severe, in terms of the volume of complaints and severity. These include Dundalk, Essex, Rosedale, Parkville, Middle River, and Loch Raven.

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The results and recommendations of the audit are expected by next month.

Daniel E. Murphy