Two months later, no district planner in Karnal construction agency MC: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Karnal, June 2

Even after two months, the post of District Planner (DTP) in the building branch of Karnal Municipal Corporation (KMC) remains vacant. In the absence of a DTP, local residents who have submitted an application for approval of construction plans are in high demand.

Bad production this year

When it was a council, it had four building inspectors, but now it’s down to one. After the establishment of KMC, the area was expanded, but the sanctioned positions are almost the same. It requires a senior urban planner, two DTPs, four ATPs, 20 inspectors. Senior MC Officer

According to information, more than 100 building plan files are awaiting approval. A civic body official said the KMC has not had a permanent DTP for a long time. The DTP in deputation worked here and that too was transferred on March 31, he added.

Since the government has moved all the processes online, so the role of the DTP is very crucial because without his login ID, no construction plan file can be processed, the official said.

“I applied for approval of a construction plan for my store, but due to the non-availability of the DTP, it has not been approved so far. I walked around the office, but only assurances have been given that the DTP will join soon,” said Pardeep Kumar, a resident.

Similarly, Rakesh Kumar, another resident, said he applied for the building plan for his store about three months ago but was still waiting for it to be approved. An official said that not only the construction plan but also the city planning was affected without the DTP. In addition, the anti-encroachment campaign and the inspection of unauthorized settlements have been affected, he added.

He said that the position of construction branch personnel is almost the same before the establishment of KMC. When it was a council, there were four building inspectors, but now there is only one inspector. Previously, the XEN was in charge of the DTP, but now the DTP has sole responsibility. “After the establishment of KMC, the area was expanded, but the sanctioned posts are almost the same. You need a senior urban planner (STP), two DTPs, four ATPs, 20 inspectors,” he added.

Naresh Narwal, Commissioner, KMC, said he had sent the DTP application and it would be completed soon.

Daniel E. Murphy