The disgraced district manager also granted himself fake raises

The former district manager of a Brownstone community council in Brooklyn – who was forced to resign in disgrace amid criminal harassment charges – was back in court on Monday, this time for forging documents for s ‘grant big increases.

Craig Hammerman, 53, is said to have forged his boss’s signature on several occasions to authorize salary increases during his tenure as director of Park Slope Community Council 6.

He raked in some $ 40,000 in unearned wages, prosecutors said as he was arraigned Monday on charges of forgery, criminal possession of a counterfeit instrument, robbery and other charges.

“This defendant granted himself several raises, including a merit raise, and falsified his manager’s authorization to have them approved by the city, according to the charges,” said Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez. , in a press release. “It was a betrayal of public trust that cannot be tolerated.”

During his 30 years in the only paid position at the consulting firm, Hammerman has made over $ 100,000 per year.

The accused’s crook’s salary rose from $ 109,993 in 2015 to $ 121,931 in 2017. Prosecutors cited records showing that he forged the signatures of two different people to get the job done.

Hammerman resigned in October 2017 following his arrest for harassing an ex-boyfriend, though those charges were later dismissed.

He was released without bail for forgery and theft and is due to return to court in August.

Hammerman faces up to seven years in prison if convicted.

Daniel E. Murphy