Taylor of DCPS to Assume New Role of District Diversity, Equity and Poverty Coordinator | New

The role of Scott Taylor, the Daviess County Public Schools Student Services Coordinator in the School District, is focusing solely on diversity, equity and poverty starting next school year.

Much of Taylor’s previous responsibilities were transferred to the new director of district support services for middle and high school students so that most of his time could be spent in his new role, which the chairman of the board of administration Dale Stewart said Tuesday is “about 10 years behind schedule.”

The board discussed the title change on Tuesday at their virtual lunch and will vote on it at their board meeting on Thursday at 4:30 p.m., also broadcast virtually on the district’s YouTube channel.

Damon Fleming, director of student services at DCPS, said that while the title change won’t be official until the summer, Taylor has already worked for equity and diversity for students.

Taylor has been the District Homeless Liaison Officer for students and their families for several years, and this will continue, with the work he has done with Western Academy which operates out of the HL Neblett Community Center. , and an ACT prep course at the Center for Students of Color.

“I am excited about this new title,” said Taylor. “We were already working on some of these things, so I’m just glad Daviess County wants to say it out loud and wants to be intentional about it. “

He added that part of his job will also be to strengthen the district’s workforce of minority educators to include black, Hispanic and Burmese people. It is important for students to see teachers “who are like them,” he said.

This may require “growing from within,” he said, referring to some DCPS teacher assistants and assistants with whom he will speak about careers in education.

This change in title and job description comes at no additional cost to the district, said Amy Shutt, DCPS deputy superintendent for social services.

She also said that in developing this new job description, she looked at five school districts, including Jefferson County, Hopkins County and Fayette County, and their parameters for similar positions.

“We tried to look at the existing responsibilities (and) the needs of the community, and this is the job description that we came up with,” she said.

DCPS Superintendent Matt Robbins said this new role within the district has been “a long time coming for us,” and that there are many opportunities ahead, but that also means there are many. of work to do.

“We look forward to Mr. Taylor leading us in this area,” he said.

Council member Tom Payne said he would like to hear a report for Taylor in the future regarding the district’s state of equity and its plans, and all other council members agreed it would be beneficial. .

Daniel E. Murphy