Redboine Watershed District Manager Excited About Growth Opportunities –

The Redboine Watershed District Manager looks forward to the possibilities that additional funding could mean for them.

Earlier this month, the province announced an increase of $353,000 over previous years to support watersheds. The Manitoba government announced that it will provide total support of $5.873 million to districts

Redboine Watershed District Manager Justin Reid says trying to fill in the holes where they don’t have a municipal membership has been their focus. He says this extra money will help them do that.

“We were pretty excited…we knew it was being talked about, but we were quite surprised to see it happening so quickly after the initial realignment of our borders.”

Reid says they’ve had great conversations and they know a number of municipalities are willing to join us. He says they look forward to going through this process and coming up with a plan that works for everyone.

Here are some examples of projects Redboine WD has been involved in, with photos courtesy of Justin Reid.

Retention area from the outlet of Lake Pelley.

Water retention project to help store runoff.

Windbreak planting

Installation of a security fence for PV Water Coop on Lake Stephenfield

Water sampling in winter on Lake Stephenfield

Daniel E. Murphy