Naperville Park State District 2021 address available on the ParkTalk podcast

Continuing a recent tradition, the Naperville Park District just released its fourth “Naperville Park District State Address” on its ParkTalk podcast, now available at and on most podcast apps. .

Naperville Park District State 2021 includes five episodes featuring interviews with district staff, executive director Ray McGury and park board chair Mike Reilly.

The theme, “Meeting the Challenge,” focuses on the park district’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, reflecting on 2020 and looking towards 2021.

“The podcast format allows residents to listen on demand, when it suits them,” said Sameera Luthman, director of marketing and communications and host of the “State of the Park District” podcast series. “We hope community members take this opportunity to learn more about their park district.”

The episodes are as follows:

• Episode 1: “Introduction to the 2021 State District Address of Naperville Park”

Guests: Mike Reilly, Chairman of the Park Council; and Ray McGury, Executive Director

This episode kicks off the ‘Rising to the Challenge’ podcast theme, with highlights from 2020, what we learned, and a look at 2021.

• Episode 2: “District-wide investment objectives and projects for 2021”

Guests: Brad Wilson, Director of Recreation and Facilities; and Eric Shutes, Director of Planning

Learn about key capital projects, such as Wolf’s Crossing Community Park, the district’s process for renewing its national accreditation, and plans to move forward against the effects of the pandemic.

• Episode 3: “The” boom “of recreational outdoor sports”

Guests: Kevin Carlson, Director of Golf; Tim Quigley, Director of Parks; and Jackie Gonzalez, aquatic manager

Hear stories of how amenities like the Springbrook and Naperbrook Golf Courses, the Paddleboat Quarry, the new 95th Street Community Square, and the Midday Spray in Rotary Hill have met residents’ recreational needs during the pandemic.

• Episode 4: “District finances during a pandemic”

Guests: Ray McGury, Executive Director; Sue Stanish, Director of Finance

Staff explain some of the financial challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and the proactive ways the park district has handled the situation.

• Episode 5: “Creative modifications to leisure time due to the pandemic”

Guests: Brad Wilson, Director of Recreation and Facilities, and Andrea Coates, Superintendent of Recreation

Learn about the Park District’s challenges in dealing with COVID-19 issues and the successes achieved through new programs and opportunities, such as the e-learning experience, virtual group exercise classes, Halloween Nights Lights and Santa’s Naperville Workshop.

Daniel E. Murphy