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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – The Memphis-Shelby County Schools District (MSCS) State Address filled the room with talent and enthusiasm.

“Extend a warm southern welcome to our superintendent, Dr. Joris M. Ray,” a student said as he introduced the superintendent.

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Many people, including students who have participated in the program, believe the future of education in Memphis is bright.

“I think when we know what resources are available to us, we have the chance to really succeed,” said Kylah Spring, a student at East High School.

In his address, Supt. Ray said: “We are happy to report that the students are making progress. »

But the report card from the Tennessee Department of Education’s school district shows significant difficulties in student achievement in recent years, which have worsened even more during the pandemic.

While nearly 24% of the district’s students in grades three through 12 were “on track” or had “mastered” math in 2019, that number fell to 7.5% last year.

Some say you can’t always trust the numbers.

“I don’t think you always have a good opinion of things like that,” Minnie Logan said.

As a parent, Logan said his children graduated from Shelby County schools. She thinks there are no problems.

Other people who spoke to FOX13 about the address said they thought the district could do better.

Logan hopes the school district knows what he’s doing.

“I certainly hope they can move on because if that’s what they feel they need to do, I’m okay with that,” Logan said.

“We have a recipe for being stronger together,” Ray said.

Highlights from the state of the district included teacher compensation, internship opportunities for students, and the expansion of the honor roll allowing students to automatically enroll in honors-level courses if they qualify. .

Ray also introduced the new Shelby County Schools logo.

Daniel E. Murphy