Metro district manager talks about the future

With the new year underway, Highlands Ranch Metropolitan District General Manager Mike Renshaw has taken the time to answer questions from Colorado Community Media on what to expect in 2022 and reflect on the year 2021.

What was one of your main lessons for 2021? What have you learned this year?

One of the main lessons of 2021 is that the pandemic continues to impact local government in various ways, and that collaborative partnerships between agencies and the sharing of information and best practices are more important. than ever.

As a community, what do you hope to accomplish in 2022?

As the chair body of the Douglas County Governments Partnership in 2022, the Metropolitan District of Highlands Ranch hopes to foster even closer collaboration among the nine members of local government. We also plan to continue to ensure the safety and well-being of our community through our continued partnership with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the installation of automatic license plate reader technology in the district.

What predictions do you have for the Highlands Ranch in 2022?

Fiscal strength continues with the district’s unpaid debt repayment in December, as well as a very successful election in May thanks to a public-private partnership agreement with Community Resource Services of Colorado, LLC to help the district conduct its elections.

In terms of growth, what can residents expect in 2022?

While the Metropolitan District of Highlands Ranch is under construction and, therefore, will not experience significant population growth, residents should expect district leaders to continue to explore public-private partnerships and the use innovative technologies as a means of improving efficiency in service delivery.

What do you think the council / city accomplished in 2021 that can continue into the new year?

One of the main initiatives that the Board of Directors and staff accomplished in 2021 and which will continue through 2022 is the use of performance measurement dashboards that will allow the district to continue to build momentum in achievement of its strategic priorities and key result areas.

(Editor’s note: Answers to questions have been edited for clarity and grammar.)

Daniel E. Murphy