Mary Ann Bower, Former District Director Honored – The Record Online

Recording photo – Chris Miller

by Christophe Miller

MILL HALL – Tears, smiling faces and congratulations were everywhere Thursday night at the Clinton County Conservation District office near Mill Hall.

Longtime and recently retired District Director Mary Ann Bower has been honored and celebrated with a gift that will last in perpetuity: the appointment of the Learning Center to the District Office.

History will now be remembered for the building, which is located at 45 Cooperation Lane in Porter Township, as the Mary Ann Bower Learning Center.

Mary Ann began her career with the Conservation District in December 1986, being appointed District Director in 1997. Wade Jodun, current District Director, applauded her commitment to the District and environmental education. “It was considered an afterthought in the 1980s, but today we are much more environmentally conscious citizens who equip children, the leaders of tomorrow, for environmental change and influence,” Wade said.

Recording photo – Chris Miller

The boulder named after Mary Ann and those around it have very special significance for the Conservation District. “These rocks are from local AMD (Acid Mine Drainage) sites that we have cleaned up, and some weigh almost 300 pounds,” exclaimed Wade, which is a very fitting tribute to Mary Ann’s career with the district.

The board of directors was also present for the unveiling of the stone. Board member and vice president Charlie Dotterer spoke of Mary Ann’s willingness to always be available to answer questions, and that her help goes far beyond what she was able to accomplish with the ‘Envirothon, managing the day-to-day work in the office, raising money for projects and initiatives, and being a helping hand when he needed it most, joking, when his car didn’t start late a evening. His flexibility was also praised for being able to get in and out of four physical office factories during his leadership.

When Mary Ann spoke, tears filled her eyes as she did her best to hold back her emotions.

“I don’t deserve this recognition, but I wouldn’t be here without the support of the board or my staff, certainly Susie Peters,” said Mary Ann. “In this position, there was always something new to work on, like the knowledge we imparted to the young people, and the environmental education that we provided to the children and adults… I am so happy that these projects can continue. to be worn. to.”

Mary Ann then said: “Thank you very much for this honor, I am very, very touched.”

Daniel E. Murphy