‘Huge interest’ in Augustinian site and New Ross district manager delighted to see its potential realized

THE potential future development of the site of the former Good Counsel College High School and Augustinian Priory in New Ross was discussed at this month’s meeting of the local Municipal District.

After District Manager Mick McCormack delivered the monthly report to members, Councilor Michael Sheehan raised the issue of the site and requested an update on the situation.

“I’m just really worried that it’s gotten really quiet up there and I’m worried it might fall into the wrong hands,” Cllr Sheehan said.

He then asked if it had ever been offered to the council for use and asked, “Have the Augustinians ever come to us and asked if we would like to buy it first?”

In response, Mr McCormack confirmed that an approach had been made by the Augustinians to the council

“Yes, they came to us and we met them several times up there,” he said.

“Our corporate director met them there and I met them with our development team, so they were interested in us taking care of it,” he added.

However, Mr McCormack then said he had a different view of the situation than Cllr Sheehan.

“I have a different view because I would be excited about what the market might bring,” he said. He also pointed out that the planning process was also there after that.

“I’d rather be looking forward to seeing what the market brings and the solutions to this site,” McCormack said.

“I think there’s huge interest in it, just based on anecdotal evidence and we’re hearing there’s a lot of cars up there with people watching, so we’re very excited about that.” , he added.

Daniel E. Murphy