Gunshot Detection System Pilot Details Discussed at IMPD East District Town Hall

INDIANAPOLIS — IMPD leaders spoke with community members Monday night about priorities for the Eastern District in 2022.

WISP Eastern District Commander Richard Riddle along with Chief Randall Taylor and Deputy Chief Chris Bailey spoke about crime trends in the Eastern District, 2021 accomplishments, 2022 priorities and initiatives , then answered the questions.

Among those discussions were new details about the gunshot detection system pilot program that will be tested in part of the region.

We first told you about the gunshot detection system pilot on February 16, after finding the planned proving grounds in public documents.

The next day, WISP confirmed that the area on the east side between North Oriental St. and Emerson Ave. would be the area to be used for the gunshot detection system pilot program.

The area covers about five square miles and recorded 10% of all fatal shootings in Indianapolis in 2021.

“We used data and police runs and other anecdotal evidence, complaints and community input to bring this technology to this neighborhood,” Riddle said.

Riddle said the date when the technology will actually be installed in the region is still undetermined, but the request for a briefing document sent to all gunshot detection vendors is due March 1.

“This information will then be reviewed by IMPD, city purchasing and other city institutes,” Riddle said.

From there, it will be decided which of the vendors will be used in the pilot program.

Deputy Chief Chris Bailey said it will be a long process before a decision is made.

“No matter which system you choose, it is very expensive and after the pilot project we will have discussions about whether or not we invest in a small area over another year or two until a decision is made. by the board on whether or not to fund the full-time program,” Bailey said.

Bailey and Riddle have both added with gunshot detection system technology, more public safety cameras and license plate readers will also be installed in the area.

“What we try to do is use a trio approach,” Bailey said. “Not just gunshot detection in an area, but gunshot detection combined with a public safety camera and the LPR, we believe the technologies work best when they work together.”

Chris Staab, the president of the Near Eastside Community Organization has joined the town hall, he wants WISP to be open about the process throughout the pilot program.

“I hope they are willing to share some of this data with us,” he said.

Riddle said that the IMPD also plans to hold a technology meeting in the Eastern District soon to give more details about the gunshot detection system driver.

Daniel E. Murphy