GOP Congressional Hopes for 8th District Address Leaked Supreme Court Abortion Ruling

Republican primary candidates for the 8th congressional district seat on Tuesday addressed the leak of a proposed Supreme Court decision that would overturn the Roe v. Wade who made abortion legal across the country for nearly half a century.

Candidates Chris Dargis of Palatine, Peter Kopsaftis of South Barrington and Phillip Owen Wood of Carol Stream took part in an online interview with the Daily Herald. Fellow contestants Karen Kolodziej of Itasca and Chad Koppie of Gilberts were invited but did not participate.

The 8th District seat is currently held by Democrat Raja Krishnamoorthi of Schaumburg.

“I don’t think it surprised anyone,” Wood said of the draft decision. “The President made reference to it in his State of the Union address that (Roe v. Wade) was under attack. Planned Parenthood anticipated it.

“A few years ago, even in 2019, Illinois started repealing the laws,” he continued.

“So the states worked on it at the state level, and I really think it needs to stay at the state level.”

Kopsaftis sought to establish what is known with certainty and what is not.

“First of all, this is a leaked document and it’s not the final document,” he said. “So we don’t know his true origin and we don’t know the final.

“Secondly, I am pro-life and I believe that decisions should come back to the state and be taken away from the federal government,” Kopsaftis added.


Dargis agreed.

“I’m also pro-life, but I’m also pro-law,” he said. “And ultimately, Roe v. Wade is a bad law. It’s not rooted in the Constitution. And if this leaked document is accurate, it seems to me that it’s the right decision and to refer this matter to the democratic process where it’s been frozen for 50 years.”

Dargis argued that the leak itself should not be overlooked.

“It is an attack on the integrity of the Supreme Court and the integrity of the judicial process,” he said. “And frankly, having spent these 4 1/2 years hearing from the left in this country talking about attacks on the institutions and traditions of this country and attacks on the democratic process in this country, I find it simply unconscionable that “It’s almost celebrated and expected on the left. It’s just a horrible thing that undermines judicial integrity and should never have happened, and I hope the FBI gets to the bottom of it.”

Chief Justice John Roberts ordered an investigation into the leak. So far, it’s unclear who is behind it.

The winner of the June 28 Republican primary will face the winner of the Democratic primary in November, in which Krishnamoorthi is challenged by Junaid Ahmed of South Barrington.

Although its boundaries change for the 2022 election, the 8th District will remain roughly centered in Schaumburg and will include areas of northwest Cook, northeast DuPage, and northeast Kane counties.

Daniel E. Murphy