GameStop employees come out and display a sign criticizing the district manager

Seeing an increase in relevance lately thanks to meme stocks, GameStop rose more than seven points today as part of its upward trajectory which began on May 24. Despite the stock increases, some GameStop employees walk out, with a notable team leaving a sign criticizing their district manager at their store door.

Since stock memes pulled GameStop out of a downward spiral, the specialty gaming industry has changed its model in a number of ways, such as branching out into other meme investments like NFTs, cryptocurrency, and gaming. blockchain. Traditionally, GameStop has made revenue through transactions, supplemental insurance, and memberships, but it is diversifying its portfolio for interested investors. Some GameStop employees who don’t share those interests quit their jobs over the weekend to protest a district manager in Nebraska.


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As spotted by Kotaku, four employees at the Gateway Mall in Lincoln, Nebraska made the decision to leave GameStop simultaneously, leaving the door to the occupied location locked to any gamers wishing to make a purchase. With a note from GameStop employees taped to the door, shoppers were informed that the team quit because their “district manager had no respect” for them as “employees or human beings.” According to the post, sales quotes and performance were not met despite employees’ best efforts and the team had less than six months to meet the high expectations mentioned in the memo.

Lincoln’s GameStop employees didn’t just let their customers wait for the items they were going to buy at the mall; their note mentions stores where they can still find products like EntertainMart, Gamers, and GameRoom. The address of each location is also listed above a recommendation for consumers to spend their money “at a place that respects its employees”. According to Frank Maurer, one of the aforementioned GameStop employees, Gateway Mall staff were overworked in a way that affected their health, with Maurer earning $17 an hour as a manager and other GameStop employees earning low wages.

Frank Maurer included some details about the district manager beyond the note left on GameStop’s door, alleging that “he was verbally abusive” and “would constantly threaten people’s jobs.” A similar walkout occurred at a nearby GameStop in Lincoln, Nebraska, with a memo also blaming the district manager and a total of four have occurred in the area in recent months. Although Kotaku contacted GameStop regarding the employee walkout in Nebraska, it hasn’t received much information beyond the location’s upcoming reopening.

Employees leaving GameStop have made statements about their experiences with the company through several methods since the company was at its peak. Another GameStop district manager was recently fired to help cut costs and the district manager in Lincoln, Nebraska may be feeling increased pressure to perform, which has apparently impacted his group of stores. . While GameStop is mixing up some resources to reopen the Lincoln, Nebraska store, it’s not yet clear when GameStop will reopen for Gateway Mall customers.

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Source: Kotaku

Daniel E. Murphy