Enhance La Jolla appoints new District Director

Hours after being named the new Director of the Improve La Jolla Maintenance Assessment District, La Jolla resident Mary Montgomery began to take the reins and get to know the vendors she will be working with as part of the efforts. continuous efforts to improve the village.

After former District Manager John Unbewust resigned in June, the nonprofit Enhance La Jolla set out to find a replacement, appointing Montgomery at a special online board meeting on July 6. , to applause.

Mary Montgomery is the new Director of the Enhance La Jolla Maintenance Assessment District.


“As a resident of The Village, I have been a strong supporter of Enhancer La Jolla since day one and I am very excited to take an active role in the organization,” she said. declared to the board of directors. “I will work very hard to continue the progress of the organization and look forward to working with all of you. “

Enhance La Jolla President Ed Witt told the Light that “Mary was a finalist in our first interview process three years ago. We were very attached to his qualifications back then and that is still the case today.

“When the opening took place, we reached out to Mary to see if she was interested in taking over the job and she enthusiastically responded ‘yes’,” Witt said. “We interviewed her, checked her references to keep them up to date and once again saw Mary as the person with the skills and the personality that we needed right now. She lives in The Village and can walk around the grounds etc. to meet and inspect the work being done by our vendors.

Improve the La Jolla member and La Jolla Light President and CEO Phyllis Pfeiffer said, “Mary has worked in public and government relations for NASSCO and the San Diego County Employees Retirement Association. She has the necessary management and communication skills for this position. At this point in the Improve La Jolla timeline, working with the city and all stakeholders is essential for the continued success of MAD.

Montgomery has also worked for San Diego County and the Santa Fe Irrigation District in Rancho Santa Fe in project management roles.

“I’ve lived in The Village since 2016 and have seen how projects like the sidewalk pressure washing have made a huge difference,” said Montgomery. “This is a phenomenal opportunity for me to become more actively involved in improving the community. I really look forward to getting to know many of the Village’s neighbors and business owners. It will be great to strengthen that sense of community by branching out and serving as an Ambassador on behalf of Enhance La Jolla.

The San Diego native grew up in Point Loma. In her free time, she can be seen walking around the village with her Yorkie or visiting the beach.

Enhance La Jolla administers MAD with the power to ‘improve’ the services provided by the city, including landscape maintenance, street and sidewalk cleaning, waste and graffiti reduction, and additional waste collection, and fund and carry out capital improvement projects in public spaces, such as upgrading trash cans, installing benches, increasing signage, park improvements, more public art and awnings. ‘trees on the main arteries.

The board of directors will hold an election in the coming months to fill four seats.

Enhance La Jolla has 13 directors on its board. According to the regulations, seven are owners (or representatives of owners) of commercial, residential and non-profit properties paying the MAD appraisal; three are members of the board of directors of the La Jolla Community Foundation; one is a member of the La Jolla Village Traders Association and two are representatives of the community of La Jolla as a whole.

The seats that will be available are for a commercial building owner, a residential building owner, a member of the La Jolla Community Foundation and a member in general.

The election results are due to be announced at the next scheduled board meeting at 4 p.m. on September 17, tentatively via Zoom. To find out more, visit rehausselajolla.org. ??

Daniel E. Murphy