District: Communal assemblies not affiliated with the schools of Orono | Community

Recently, the Orono School District sent an email to the community indicating that it was not affiliated with three municipal meetings scheduled at Orono Town Hall.

In the email, the district said, “In the past three days, the district has received numerous questions from parents and residents regarding a postcard mailing to our community announcing three town hall meetings at the hotel. of Orono Town This postcard is not from the Orono School District, despite the use of the district name Please be aware that the Orono School Board and the administration have no involvement in these meetings.

The email continued, with the district reminding the community that the school board had started hosting listening sessions before each meeting on Monday, October 25.

“Public engagement is welcome and remains a hallmark of the relationship between the school board and the community at Orono schools,” the email said. “We invite community members to learn more about the school board listening sessions that began on October 25, 2021. The listening sessions have replaced the community comment period at regular board meetings. Listening sessions provide a way for community members to share their voice with the school in person. This is standard practice in Minnesota school districts and it works well to accommodate all prospects. “

The next listening session will take place on Monday, November 8. The Google form to request a speaking slot will open on Friday, November 5 at 9 a.m.

Additional information on listening sessions and access to school board meetings is available on the Orono School Board website. Community members are also welcome to email a board member at any time to share their comments or concerns. Contact details for Board members are available on www.orono.k12.mn.us/school-board.

Daniel E. Murphy