Clear Creek Recreation District Director Resigns; SCSD3 Council Seeks Options to Reduce Expenses | Local News

CLEARMONT – The Clear Creek Recreation District will be without a director for the foreseeable future following the resignation of its current director and members of its board of directors are looking to cut costs.

In a letter to the Recreation Council dated July 21, Clear Creek Recreation District Director Sarah Walker informed recreation district officials of her immediate resignation. Board members voted unanimously to accept Walker’s resignation at its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday night.

Walker did not attend the meeting.

Amy Vineyard, Board Member and Board Chair for Sheridan County School District 3, thanked Walker for service to the community.

“Good luck to her for the future,” Vineyard said.

“She had great programs,” added Stefhanie Buhr, Chair of the Recreation Board. “I hope we can continue these in the future.”

In addition to managing and helping to oversee events at recreation district facilities, Buhr said Walker also helped coach various youth teams, although that was not in his job description.

Walker’s resignation made the board’s efforts to rewrite a new contract with the director in a workshop session ahead of Wednesday’s meeting a moot point. Instead of pursuing the hiring of a manager, Buhr encouraged the board to consider other options to reduce the overall operating costs of the Clearmont facility.

Stefhanie Buhr, Clear Creek Recreation District Board Chair, takes notes on potential options during a meeting on Wednesday, July 21, 2021 to cover the duties and responsibilities of former Recreation District Director Sarah Walker , who resigned effective Wednesday.

The recreation district is primarily funded by a $ 1 million levy through SCSD3. Buhr said, however, that revenue from the tax over the years has fallen from over $ 40,000 per year to less than $ 20,000 for 2020-2021.

The recreation district also receives $ 20,000 per year in rent and is reimbursed up to 50% on all repairs made to the facility by the local school district. However, potential state-level cuts next year could force SCSD3 to end its rental agreement with the recreation district for the use of the gym there, as well as for the gym space. storage of the old building of the primary school located just in front of the Arvada. -Clearmont K-12 School.

After accepting Walker’s resignation, board members approved the budget for 2021-2022 with the budgeted levy to provide $ 18,000. Buhr said she believes the $ 1,200 per month budgeted for the director position could be better spent, given the potential budget issues.

“The factory’s revenues are down,” Buhr said. “Small grants are not going to cut it.

“We must maintain the status quo,” she added. “We have to keep the doors open. “

Without wishing to eliminate the managerial position entirely, Buhr recommended that the CCRD Board of Directors consider offering the part-time recreation district staff member increased hours and duties to assist with day-to-day operations. The rec district administration board would then also offer a proposed allowance of $ 350 to an individual for training or other specified tasks.

“I like the idea that this can free up additional (funds),” said Misty Moore, rec district board member and vice-chair of the SCSD3 board. “I think we can be more flexible.”

As a member of the rec district administration board, Buhr said she would also be willing to take on additional responsibilities without pay, with functions such as payroll and accounts payable already covered by the SCSD3 central office.

“We have to worry more about keeping the doors open with this (income) we have,” she said.

Members of the Rec District Board of Directors accepted the effort to use Walker’s old salary to fund allowances and for the part-time employee rather than hiring a new director, at least in a immediate future.

“You can’t spend more than half of your budget on a managerial position. It’s not wise to do that, ”said Wade Betz, board member for the recreation district and SCSD3. “There must be someone in this town who could use a part-time job.”

Daniel E. Murphy