Chief Nadeau steps down as Eastman Mutual Aid District Coordinator –

The La Broquerie fire chief is stepping down as coordinator of the Eastman mutual aid district.

Al Nadeau says one of the big events that has stood out over the past 16 years at the helm is the big fires in the La Broquerie/Stuartburn area and the help that has come in from across the province.

“Everyone from all over the province came out to help. I mean, we saw trucks from Carmen and yeah, it was just amazing how everyone helps out when it’s times like this. And I mean even when we go out, I mean we’ve sent trucks all the way to Camper, Manitoba.

Camper is a small town about 234 kilometers northeast of Steinbach.

“It’s nice to see that when certain regions are in difficulty, everyone gets involved a little,” says Nadeau. “If we take a bit from each room, it doesn’t show as much as deploying an entire room and then leaving the community at risk. So it’s a way to get a few pieces from each room everywhere and react where they’re needed.

Nadeau is convinced that his replacement, Taché Fire Chief Allan Rau, is the right person to fill the position at this time.

“Allan will be perfect for the job,” says Nadeau. “I spoke about a year ago if he would be interested and he said, ‘of course,’ he would. He’s a full-time fire chief for Taché, and that fits well with his role. the low.

Rau has many years of experience in firefighting and emergency aid coordination.

“I’ve been working there for 43 years,” says Rau. “I was originally with the Department of National Defense as a firefighter, then I joined the Lorette Fire Department after retiring from my other duties, then I was made a firefighter . Chef here in Lorette in 2016.”

This new role is welcomed by Rau and he looks forward to serving the region.

“I’m very happy about it,” says Rau, “because it’s part of what I’m doing here in Taché. And try to continue to improve the mutual aid neighborhood and move forward.

As Nadeau hangs up his leadership hat for the Eastman Mutual Aid District, he will continue to be La Broquerie’s fire chief.

Daniel E. Murphy