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The Spring 2013 Chalice Lighter Call is Now Open for Your Donation!

Supporting the Pacific Western Region Leap of Faith Initiative

Read the Chalice Lighter Call Letter here!

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Thank you for your support of the PCD Chalice Lighter Program!

Read or print out a Chalice Lighter Brochure and join the Chalice Lighter program. (PDF, 190 KB)

What is the Chalice Lighters program?
The Chalice Lighter program is an exciting opportunity to promote and strengthen Unitarian and Universalism in the Pacific Central District.You can help spread the light of liberal religious values through the District by making a donation to growth initiatives in our member congregations.

Some of those initiatives have included funding a first minister or religious education professional, new buildings and building improvements or even seeding a spin-off congregation.

PCD UUA Chalice Lighter commit to donating to three Chalice Lighter calls per year.Each call is for a specific growth project. Before you make your decision to donate please consider the benefits of being part of a Unitarian Universalist congregation and what you hope to build as a legacy so there will always be a liberal religious alternative.

How does the Chalice Lighters Program Work?
Individuals are encouraged to make three donations per year to raise funds for specific growth projects. There are six levels at which persons may sign up: $10 (Basic), $20 (Believer), $50 (Builder), $100 (Benefactor), $250 (Beacon), and "an amount of your choice" (Exemplar). We appreciate all contributions! Make your check out to the PCD with "Chalice Lighters" on the memo line. All donations are tax deductible.

As a Chalice Lighter, you will be sent a "Call" letter telling you about the current "Call" to be funded. This letter will explain the current project and request that you send in your pledged amount.

Imagine ...

Imagine if one out of every two members in our PCD congregations gave at least $10 three times a year to each call! With a 2012 membership of 6349 congregants, that would mean that we could raise more than $95,235.00 for the growth of Unitarian Universalism in the Pacific Central District! This level of contributions could make a HUGE difference in the growth of Unitarian Universalism in this district. But we need your help to convince more members of PCD to participate in this vital program!

Growth Committee Grants raise money to award to congregations working to grow and spread Unitarian Universalism. The goal in offering these grants are:

To open the doors to new and existing congregations so that members and newcomers may continually challenge heart and mind in a loving community of faith.
To support mission and ministry, staffing, and programs in congregations growing in strength and vitality.
To spread the good news of Unitarian Universalism.
To share resources and practical strategies among congregations.
To change the world.

The Pacific Central District Growth Committee is seeking applications for grants that promote growth within our District. A Chalice Lighter Grant, Special Project Fund Grant, or a New, Satellite and Emerging Congregation Grant can be used to start a new congregation, acquire a meeting space, secure a minister, religious educator, or other professional staff, or provide for an outreach, public relations, and other programs intended to increase visitors, integrate and retain new members. Any congregation or group of congregations may apply.

Download and read the "Frequently Asked Questions" printable document.

Download and read the Chalice Lighter Guidelines printable document.

Download an Intent to Apply form.

Download a Chalice Lighter Grant Application.

Download a Chalice Lighter Special Grant Application (Word Document, 68KB)
The Special Project Fund is program for small projects intended to promote growth. It is a matching grant program that extends the fund raising efforts of congregations. This fund is for awards between $500 and $2000, and can be used to purchase signage, improve worship, upgrade a church website, create a new program, partially fund a part-time staff person, and all other programs intended to increase visitors, integrate new members and retain current members. Fair Share congregations will be given preference; however, congregations in an active program to become Fair Share will be considered.

Download the New, Satellite and Emerging Congregation Grants Application

This limited fund is available to emerging, satellite/multi-site, or new congregations. All applying congregations must obtain approval from PCD-UUA staff to apply for funds. Funding is offered in amounts no greater that $5,000 per year, with a possibility of renewal in subsequent years. Funding is not guaranteed in any given cycle.

A New Congregation is a congregation that has been affiliated with the UUA for less than five (5) years.
A Satellite Congregation is a congregation being sponsored by an existing congregation with the intention to affiliate with the UUA.
District staff grants Emerging status: an Emerging Congregation is working toward affiliation with the UUA.
All New, Satellite, and Emerging Congregations must have the active mentorship of a nearby Unitarian Universalist congregation and the Pacific Central District.

How to apply for all three Growth Committee Grants:
The "Intent to Apply" application must precede all Growth Committee Grant applications in order to provide adequate time for the District staff and the Growth Committee to assist a congregation in completing its full application.

All Grant applications will require a congregational growth plan to be included with the application.

There are 3 cycles of grant giving with the following deadlines:
Intent to Apply Full Application Grant Meeting *
August 15 September 30 October
November 15 December 31 January / February
February 15 March 31 April
* We usually hold the grant meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

The underlying goal of any proposal should be the growth of Unitarian Universalism in our district.

Your congregation's board should approve any grant proposal. We encourage innovative and multi-congregational grant proposals. We give preference to congregations that have at least 10% of their membership signed up to be Chalice Lighters.

We require you to submit your Chalice Lighter applications electronically!

Questions? Write us at: [email protected]

Read Congregations Count! (PDF, 1.6 MB) or, How a UU Membership Chair Stopped Trying to Doing Everything. Presented to the General Assembly at Portland, Oregon on June 22, 2007, by Linda Laskowski, Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley, and UUA Trustee (PCD)

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