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Our mission is to provide services and resources that will grow the District in terms of its membership, the deepening of our faith, the effectiveness of our structures, and the power of our service to the wider world.

The Pacific Central District is a member of the Pacific Western Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

PCD Leadership Day with UUA Moderator Jim Key!

Saturday, October 25, 2014, at the UU Church of Berekely. Registration begins at 9AM, and our program starts at 10AM until 4PM. Breakfast goodies and lunch will be served.

$50 Registration Fee until Monday, October 13th; Late Fee is $60, so register ASAP!

Leadership Day is a time for us to join together, to inspire each other, and to work collaboratively on some of the big questions that face us as a faith. How can we make a difference in the world? How are can we deepen and nurture our relationships so that they bring out our strengths? How can we be dynamic leaders ready to face the challenges of our age?

Leadership Day is open to anyone in the PCD who is, has been, or might in the future become a leader in our UU faith. Ministers, religious educators, musicians, and laypeople of all kinds will find value in the interactive experiences that we will have that day. Plus, we will join together in vibrant worship and music. The day will be inspiring, challenging, and fun.

Come join Jim, our local UUA staff, and your friends and colleagues in our faith in a day of empowerment, spiritual depth, and courage.

Don't miss this special event! Use this link to register today!

Donate to the Fall 2014 Chalice Lighter Call!

There are so many reasons for joy at the Napa Valley UU Fellowship (formerly the UU Fellowship of North Bay). Membership is up 20% in the past five years, and families with children under 12 are now the fastest growing segment of the congregation.

The best news is that in 2013, after many years of fundraising, NVUUF was able to purchase a permanent home. This purchase is the long-awaited realization of a collective dream and the congregation is thrilled to be home at last.

Their new property includes an undeveloped one acre lot. This is where you come in. They are requesting a Chalice Lighter grant for the first phase of their plan: a multi-purpose recreational area for all of their children from ages 0-99. This area would include safe and accessible playground equipment, bench seating for parents, room for outdoor R.E. classes and possibly a water play element.

Read the Chalice Lighter Letter here!

Donate here through PayPal:

Thank you for supporting the PCD Chalice Lighter Program and the North Valley UU Fellowship!

17th Annual PCD-UUA Men's Retreat 2014: Exploring and Sharing Our Creativity

October 24 to 26, 2014 at the Westminster Retreat Center in Alamo, CA.

Come join us in community for the 17th Annual PCD UU Men's Retreat!

This year we will be Celebrating and Exploring our Creativity. Participants are invited to bring examples of your personal creativity, including photos and stories of creativity in their lives. If possible, bring the materials that you work with when you are inspired to be creative - musical instruments, art supplies, photographic equipment, etc.

There will be workshops to share and inspire us with the creativity within our community, to work together and individually on creative projects - We will do group work to reveal and overcome the barriers to our own creative expression - We will celebrate, meditate, sing and worship together - We will be discussing how we can plan a future for our annual retreats after saying goodbye to our beloved home for many years in Alamo.

This will be our last retreat gathering at the beautiful Westminster Retreat Center in Alamo, which will be closing this year. Westminster has been our Men's Retreat home for 17 years, and this is your opportunity to enjoy this magic spot one last time!

For more information and registration material, please see: http://www.pcd-uua.org/men/frames.htm

Questions? Contact David Stanley at (925) 239-6312, or stanleydav@gmail.com, or Peter Schenk at (408) 666-5305, or peter@pschenk.com.

SEPTEMBER 12-14: Singing on the Side of Love

Come join in a unique interfaith singing experience: UU Church of Davis Sparks Choir members, Free Range Singers, and church and community members from the wider area will gather September 12-14 for a weekend of song and community with Laurence Cole! Laurence is a songwriter and the founding director of PT Songlines Community Choir in Port Townsend, WA and enjoys travelling to various communities to lead groups in the joyous, community strengthening experience of spirited harmonic singing.

Attend part of the event or commit to the whole weekend. Some Davis homestays may be available for out of town guests. All events at UU Church of Davis, 27074 Patwin Road in Davis, except as noted:

Friday Night Workshop with Laurence: Songs and Community 7-9:30pm

Saturday Singing Out In Our Community: Downtown Davis (meet at 3rd and C, 11am), St. John's Retirement Village in Woodland, 2pm, Pacific Star Gardens Organic Farm, 3:30pm.

Saturday Night Cafe and Song: Big Sing led by Laurence, Sustainable Food by Debra Chase, UU Church of Davis. Dinner at 6pm, Singing at 7pm.

Sunday at UU Church of Davis: Laurence will lead the singing! 9:30 and 11:15 services.
Sunday Afternoon Songwriting Workshop: Create useful songs collaboratively with Laurence 1-3pm.

Cost: $40-$80 suggested donation for the weekend. Individual events $10-$20 suggested donation.
To Register: stephklose@mac.com
For more Information: lsandage@comcast.net

PCD Coming of Age Program for 2014-2015!

The PCD Coming of Age Program for 2014-2015 is now accepting registrations for this year's program!

Please see: http://www.pcd-uua.org/COA/COAinfo.htm for information and registration materials.

PSWD Fund for Refugees at Our Border!

Dear Friends,

People have been asking how they can help out with the refugees coming into the states in our District and Region. Our congregations from San Diego County to Ventura County have been collecting needed items and connecting with refugees in the locations our government has placed them. We are also working with a number of local groups.

We have set up a Refugee Fund at the Pacific SouthWest District for those that want to contribute money to help with the work with the refugees. Checks can be sent to the PSWD with Refugee Fund in the memo line. They can be sent to:

2052 Norma Street
Oxnard, CA 93036-2711

These funds will be shared with the groups we are working with who are working directly with the refugees.

Please share this in your announcements, newsletters, and maybe use one of your offerings to raise funds for these efforts.

If you have any questions write me at uurev@aol.com.
Rev. Ken Brown, District Executive
Pacific SouthWest District - UUA

PCD Awards at District Assembly 2014!

We are pleased to celebrate the following individuals and congregations who were awarded much deserved recognition at the 2014 District Assembly in Sacramento, CA.

The awards were bestowed in a luncheon ceremony on April 26, 2014 and brief remarks were made about each award winner. In addition to the named category awards, there are also two Growth Awards each year, and both churches were excited to have their progress recognized.

Because the Awards Program at District Assembly was very time pressured, it was impossible to recount all the rich details presented in the award nominations. For that reason, all the nominations have been posted on the PCD website - just follow the links on each award recipients name. Please review them and be inspired by the depth and breadth of the good work being carried out throughout our District, from Nevada to Hawaii, and all points in between.

The Honored Award Recipients are:

Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker, President of Starr King School for the Ministry, received the Junella Hanson Memorial Award for Excellence in Religious Education as well as the Racial Justice / Multicultural Ministry Award.

Heather Sawyers, Director of Religious Education at UU Mount Diablo, received the Junella Hanson Memorial Award Excellence in Religious Education.

Nikki Hunt, of the UU Fellowship of Chico, received the Unsung Congregational Hero Award.

The First Unitarian Church of Honolulu received the PCD Moral Beacon Award.

The UU Fellowship of Northern Nevada received the PCD Moral Beacon Award.

This year the Numerical Growth Award went to the First Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco, which had a nice boost in membership of 25.

The Percentage Growth Award went to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Chico, which increased membership by 13% (7 members) last year.

I also want to comment that, although individuals made some nominations, many others affirmed the good work of the winners. Often many PCD Board members or staff added their positive comments to the nomination, as they were familiar with the good work that had been done.

The Awards Committee should also be recognized, which included Josh Searle-White, Lisa Fry, Dan Kane, Chuck Rosene, and myself.

Steve Burns
PCD Awards Chair

DA 2014 Keynote Speech

Here is the DA2014 Keynote Speech presented by District Executive Josh Searle-White

So to our topic: today we are talking about truth. Why truth? Well, it all started with a little prayer from Macrina Wiederkehr that has been going through my head over the past few months. It reads like this: Oh God, help me to believe the truth about myself, no matter how beautiful it is.

A Historic Event: PWR 2013 Regional Assembly

PWR Regional Assembly Resources are here!

From April 25th to April 28th, the Pacific Central District hosted an historic event in San Jose, CA, that drew over 680 children, youth and adults. The group came from almost 50% of the American geography of the Unitarian Universalist Association. This geographic area is called the Pacific Western Region and is comprised of the Pacific Northwest, the Mountain Desert, the Pacific Southwest and the Pacific Central districts. The purpose of the region is to share leadership and mutually empower each other through collaborative programming.

Reflections from Rev. Robert Latham on the PWR 2013 Regional Assembly

Districts Cross Borders, Collaborate on Historical First Regional Assembly
Report from Regional Assembly, by Janine Larsen, PNWD District Executive and Diane Brinson, PNWD District Administrator

PWR 2013 Regional Assembly Resource Page

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The Pacific Central District of the Unitarian Universalist Association serves the 38 UU congregations in northern California, northern Nevada, and Hawaii.

Our mission is to provide services and resources to congregations that will grow the District in terms of its membership, the deepening of our faith, the effectiveness of our structures, and the power of our service to the wider world.

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